Monday, April 30, 2007

You never know what you'll find or who will want it

The sellers at the new listing which Ben posted about below, told me a great story.
When they moved in 4 years ago, the had the ductwork cleaned, and out popped a Billfold! It contained money from dozens of countries, and was a collection in and of itself, plus some ID and photos.
They put it away in a drawer, and thought nothing more of it, till someone knocked on the door a few months ago, and told them "I grew up in this house, and my brother was born in this home.

And out came the billfold, which was given to the lady. She remembers her father searching for days for his lost billfold back around 1950. She was thrilled to get it back, and put it with the other family momentos.

You never know, so...Never throw anything away.

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