Monday, May 14, 2007


14,900,000 on Alta Drive in the Rancho/Alta Historic District. (courtesy of Florence Shapira, Americana Group)

It's only 8.5 acres, with 6 buildings, 2 pools, 40 (yes 40) car garage and more. I don't think you'd feel cramped up as it has a mere 18000+- sf of living space, and a guest house and only 9 bathrooms to clean.


Ben Nation said...

I would like to buy it, but I have 41 cars so we will have to keep looking, Thanks Jack!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it is 8.5 acres?
Please respond tonight so I will know.

Anonymous said...

Again I ask, is it 8.5 acres???

unclejack said...

sorry I missed the quiz. According to the listing, it's 6 separate parcel numbers in 1 BIG compound. 8.47 acres. Don't hate me for rounding up.