Thursday, May 31, 2007

Are we doing it?

I spend my time driving around talking with people, taking pictures and collecting stories about Vintage Vegas. The Real Estate end of our business helps us match the people who "get it" with the best homes in Vintage Vegas. Real Estate helps fund our passion for Vintage Vegas. The Blog is for anybody and everybody, We love comments, opinions and emails. I can't get enough feedback. What should be on the Blog? What don't I know about? Whats going to happen next? A Big thanks to all who read our Blog now that we know there are thousands of you ( isn't technology great!!!) We want the "UncleJackpot" Party, June 16th at my home on Chapman Drive to be the meeting place for all who are interested, fascinated and involved with Vintage Vegas. ALL OUR READERS ARE INVITED. Any questions let me know-BEN NATION or

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Stephen P. Christmas said...

How about a more direct "please comment on the blog so we know how you feel about what we're doing, and what we could be doing better" request to our readers?