Sunday, May 13, 2007

Double Downtown Get-down

Well.. after the culmination of a month and a half's worth of intense 'project zone' I finally got to 'relax' on Saturday night. Relaxing here would mean getting to break the love-chain tethering me to the marketing and production desks of At last I was free for the evening to roam about the urban core and enjoy first hand the people and places that make our beloved part of Vegas so darn special.

A small group of great friends gathered to celebrate Uncle Ben Nation's birthday (yes he must be 19 now ;) in his gorgeous mid-mod masterpiece on Chapman Dr. It's amazing to see how far he's come in decorating the place since just moving in what seems only two weeks ago. The showplace home is a perfect example of what can happen when someone who truly 'gets it' goes to town with a keen eye for design. If you haven't been yet, be sure to join us on the 16th for the 'Uncle Jackpot' party. Ben will, I'm sure be available to give you tips on how to make your Vintage place it's mid-mod best. He's also got a great collection of antiques if you need help filling those 'empty spaces'.

From Chapman, a few of us drove 5 minutes to my favorite lush little joint, the Downtown Cocktail Room (I love the V3 proximity to everything worth doing), to see our friend Nancy as she celebrated another 21st birthday. ;) As always Michael, who runs the DCR provided an excellent atmosphere. With all the reasonably priced drinks & great atmosphere, I was soon glad I was not the designated driver.

My friends already know the story, and it's a bit.. um 'risque' for the blog.. but let's just say some very funny, very outrageous things went on at the Downtown Cocktail Room that night. If you haven't been yet, a great time to get a feel for why we love it & probably run into some of the V3 crew is at 'lo pro' a local professionals mixer hosted at the bar on Thursdays from 4-7pm. Stop by, say hi & mix away with the hip folks that 'get it'.

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