Monday, May 28, 2007

Honey, Should we add on to the house?

No, unless you hire an architect and a designer who understands the original character and style of the home, and the surrounding neighborhood. A couple of days ago Unclejack showed you a Mid-mod with a great second story. Now here's a great example of where somebody went wrong. I myself upgraded to a larger Vintage Vegas home, had I not then I might have lowered a trailer on top of my 1960's masterpiece. There are many great neighborhoods to step up in and many great homes in all price points, Before adding another wing, or second story, or converting a coveted garage, why not trade up to a larger Vintage Vegas treasure.

A Second story addition without a second chance, you can the original home trapped inside it's Green Valley costume. Below is the same model of home with it's original "mid-mod" look.

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