Wednesday, May 23, 2007

UPDATE!!!! Paradise Palms welcomes new home!

I apologize for any hard feelings that the new home has created. I as well as many of my peers would rather have a restored property sitting on the corner. As a Paradise Palms homeowner I also have a vested interest in the neighborhood and am pleased after four years to see people restoring, repairing and if necessary re-building their homes and my Blog opinions are mine and mine only and have no affiliation with my mentor's Real Estate career, I welcome all criticism.

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The corner of Algonquin and Comanche has hosted lots of hustle and bustle over the last 6 months. A brand new home is almost finished and It's going to be the anchor of the corner. Check it out, the front doors are fabulous and the stucco details are great. Vintage Vegas could use a lot more custom homes.

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M-M Stratton said...

You are kidding right???
This house is an eyesore to our Paradise Palms neighborhodd and is in NO way good for the preservation of our homes. What does tearing down a 1960s Palmer and Krisel home and building a McMansion have to do with Very Vintage Vegas??????