Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Springs Preserve Grand Opening June 8-10

The OLDEST part of Vintage Vegas is where it all started. Now it's the the SPRINGS PRESERVE and it opens to the public next week. Official website of the Springs Preserve I attended the VIP preview last night. It's a stunning tribute to the water that was at the heart of what became Las Vegas. It's a park to play in. It's an educational experience,it's a history lesson, and a geography lesson and and geology lesson. It's all of this and more. A true gem that's been created where it all started.

About the party last night: They didn't hold back at all. Wolfgang Puck cooked. Cirque put on the walk around entertainment, and a wonderful custom designed show, the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Paula Francis MC'd. Lot of celebrities, politicians, and most of the movers and shakers of Las Vegas.
It opens to the public June 8 and you need to go check it out. There's museums, and gardens, and walking trails, a library, amphitheatres, and stunning architecture and design of all the buildings.

Still trying to figure out the night time picture taking thing. Anyway, a HUGE thanks to the Las Vegas Valley Water District, the county and city, and state, and all the private contributers who have created this for us.

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