Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's going on behind the gates?

Anybody know what's going on behind these gates on Oakey just east of 15th? This highly sought after land has been on the minds of may people. The once fabulous home that stood here had a pool in the shape of a champagne bottle, I wonder if it's still there? Please send any information to bennation@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

This property was located right behind my home. I use to own the house on concordia place, who is now owned by the owner of Q magazine . I can say this much...there was a lot of activity going on . Police where called out several times and constant helicopters flying over ! I was told the property was mob owned but never could get any info. on this.

unclejack said...

The owners son was using it as a drug factory or something, and ended up setting fire to it. He landed in jail for arson. The homes were demolished last summer. I looked it up and there's actually 2 lots, one with an oakey address and one with a Bracken address. together its about 1.25 acres.