Monday, June 25, 2007

how NOT to finish off the laminate flooring

It's worth the extra clicks to see these full screen. (Click any photo)

We find the funniest things in VVV. Do it yourself ought to imply that you "know how" to do it yourself. If not, it's best to hire it out!

Last time I was at HD/Lowes, they sold 1/4 round molding. Must have been out of it that day.

and from the same house, though I could have made another post out of it, here's one of the worst Ceramic tile jobs I've ever seen. It's listed for sale, and the flyer says "beautifully remolded" (sic)Well, we did promise you the good and bad, beautiful and ugly.


Anonymous said...

Well, that oughta knock about $20,000 off the asking price!

Anonymous said...

Jack, This is why I usually end up doing everything myself. Even those who bill themselves as "pros"
don't care enough to do quality work or maybe just can't. Do you know anyone who does good work at a reasonable price? I am trying to keep a quality home built in the early 50's original and am getting nowhere fast. MJ