Wednesday, June 27, 2007

missing person alert

Steve Christmas is being dragged/ pulled/kicked up the ladder at VVV and we need an intern. The wages, not so great, but it's part time hanging with the very interesting group of people who are creating VVV.

Steve's in charge of replacing himself so if you know someone talented in life and at work, then you could have them call Steve or Email him. His info is easy enough to find.


Stephen P. Christmas said...

wow. good news! :) It might be better if we post what I've been doing, specifically what needs replacement (as I hope to retain some of the fun stuff). I suppose that would be a task best deferred to me. :I so anyone who knows how amazing the last 3 days of my life have been will understand why I'll take care of it in the morning!

Thanks Jack,

Stephen P. Christmas said...

Does this mean I need to wear a tie? :oI (if it does I'm not going more serious than my muli-colored polka-dot silk I found moving today.. non-negotiable!)

Brian Paco Alvarez said...

Does this mean we are losing Steve or is he being promoted?


Stephen P. Christmas said...

I'm not leaving. I have way too much fun here.. vacations now disappoint me!