Monday, June 4, 2007

Neighborhood Associations

One of the things we hear consistently from the people who live and love Vintage Vegas is how much they hate Homeowner Associations. It's one of the many many reasons they choose to not live in the suburbs. But they do love their neighborhood associations.

Neighborhood associations are sponsored by the city or county, have no dues, and no direct power over the people who live in them. But, they do have lots of clout with the elected officials, and with the staff of the various governmental entities.

Last night was the Semi-annual meeting of the Southridge Neighborhood Association. Within it's boundaries are several of the downtown subdivisions that we write about so often. Sahara, Oakey, 6th St and Maryland Parkway are the boundaries.

It was the Southridge NA that spearheaded the St. Louis Ave. Beautification project, fought the Stratosphere roller coaster, got the 4-way stop signs at 10th and Oakey, (and still wants them at 6th and Oakey). They've sponsored clean-ups, fought for no parking signs for street sweeping days and many other projects.

New committees were formed last night for Crime prevention and neighborhood watches, development issues, get to know your neighbors events and several others. Michael Hanratty was elected the new President, and Penny Dale the new VP.

Mayor Pro-tem Gary Reese was there, and he had representatives of Animal control, Code Enforcement, and Metro to answer questions. County Commissioner and downtown resident Chris Giunchigliani was there to answer questions about re-development along the Sahara Ave. corridor.

To find out if there's a neighborhood association where you live:

Call the neighborhood services for the City of Las Vegas (229-2330) or check the map on the city website HERE

For the county call (455 – 3530), Get involved, meet some neighbors, make some suggestions, do some good.

If you don't have could always start one! Drop us an email or give us a call. We'll steer you in the right direction.

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