Sunday, June 10, 2007

several names but one great effect

I've heard it called weeping brick, weeping mortar, bleeding mortar, as well as ugly and beautiful, and awful and wonderful. I prefer the beautiful and wonderful to describe this method of buiding with brick.

It's also faster and easier, because you just let the mortar squeeze out instead of scraping off the excess.

We see them scattered around Vintage Vegas, but there's a whole neighborhood pocket of them in the SW corner of Eastern and Charleston. It's called Crestwood Homes. Crestwood is one of the up and coming neighborhoods of VV. The streets are Ballard, Peyton, and Houston.
I had a tenant offer to paint a house I owned that had weeping brick. He didn't have rent that month, so I let him work it off.
I came over a few days later and found he had chiseled off all of the mortar. Still sick about it.

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Anonymous said...

I love brick, but hate that effect. It reminds me of the "fake clinker" look they used in the early-70s with a brick sticking out here and there. Nice, narrow, uniform mortar lines look best to me. But, even the ugliest brick looks better than vinyl or aluminum siding.