Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Speaking of paint jobs...

There was this drunken old hoot of a painter when I was a kid. He tolerated me watching him paint our house one week when I was about 12. I was pulling my hair out waiting and waiting and waiting for him to ever get around to opening the first can of paint.

He spent 5 days scraping and caulking, and filling and sanding, and then scraping and filling and sanding some more. But when he was ready to paint...the underlying surfaces were perfect. One coat of paint, and the house was brand new again.

A good paint job, like any form of art is more about the preparation than about the application. Painting over years of desert dust, flaking paint, dried slop from previous painting, dry rot, open cracks and crevices is the root cause of almost every bad paint job. I see lots of bad paint jobs, and even though the paint is new, it still feels like a "fixer upper" to me.

Beauty is in the details!

Putting old homes back together and saving them for another 50 or 100 years requires attention to detail.

We'll publish finished pix when they're done with the prep on this John S. Park Historic District home.

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