Saturday, June 30, 2007


Susan emails from Spokane:

I apologize for my stressed-out affect. Questioning if this is the right thing, along with the mold in the bathroom-- This afternoon I went downtown to return the leased trombone (another chapter closed). In front of the shop, I pulled in behind this great little yellow Saab convertible. There was a fleeting vision of me cruising around Vegas in such a cute little sports car! When I got out, the license plate read "VVV"!!! I took this as a sign that all would be well! I went home, and the stress seemed to dissipate, I got myself organized with The Lists, and now I'm good to go! I'm really looking forward to exploring your city! Well, off to pop tiles in the bathroom!


note from unclejack: here's the back story.
Susan and Steve live in a wonderful mid-mod in Spokane, and on Wednesday, she accepted a teaching position in LV. (yea! one more slot filled). They're preparing their home for sale with advice from me and from an agent who "gets it" about vintage Spokane.

Susan found VVV on a google search about 2 months ago, and we've been emailing while the CCSD apps and interviews etc went on and on. But now she'll be here on 7/12 to start looking for a fun Vintage Vegas home while Steve finishes the house preparations, with a plan to go on the market mid July.

Maybe we'll continue to tell her story in soap opera installments during the next few months. Haven't met her, but I know it will be fun to help her get moved here.

I've asked her for a photo of the home she's selling, I figured my readers would want to see it as much as I do.


Susan said...

What a pleasant surprise to be "featured"! I'm off to Lowe's today to find a suitable light fixture for the pink/green bathroom and look at Forbo Marmoleum for all three bathrooms. I will try to send pictures today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

We live downtown too. My husband and I are both CCSD teachers. Would LOVE to meet you (do you have kids?) when you get to Vegas.

email me!

Hope to see you soon,