Monday, June 18, 2007

We PACKED the house

It was an amazing party and we are so pleased so many of you came to party with us. The official count, based on 2 different head counts, and review of all the photos is ...189....

We want to thank publicly a whole bunch of friends who helped to make this party a huge success.

First, of course is Mr. Ben Nation for the use of his home. He's a partner in the VVV, and as you can see... totally "get's it".

Mr. Steve Christmas, is also a partner in VVV. We could accomplish little without his talents, drive and creativity. He created all the flyers, and banners, and postcards and invitations, graphics and the coffee mugs and the ...........................

My funny as can be MOTHER Rita and her friends Sheila and Mona took care of the food preparation and serving, and we are truly in their debt for all they did.

Matt was bartending, and did a tremendous job (as well as helping so much to make the house ready for the party). We told him their might be 50 or so people, and we thought he it would be easy to handle it himself. But 189 people would overwhelm any bartender. 2 guests jumped in and saved the day. Thank you Bryan and Shane. You truly rescued us.

Steve arranged for the music, which got lots of compliments. Pat Px played the bulk of the party, while Tyson Schrantz (Thank your for letting us use your sound system!!) also played the first hour and a bit more later on. Even Steve put on his DJ hat for a bit.

and then there was ELVIS who was really Uncle JOE in that he's Uncle Jack's littlest brother.

I'm doing another post of just pictures, and if any of you have any you took and want to send them in, we can add yours to ours. just email them to

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