Thursday, June 21, 2007

While waiting for clients

who were running late to finish their home shopping for a townhouse (they've narrowed it to Braewood Heritage or Heritage Sq. South, which I'll do a post about).

I took a "10 minute vacation" at the Winchester Park and Community Center on McLeod, a block north of Desert Inn.

I did a slow stroll thru the Desert Garden, and Urban forest, watched the scapeboarders, sat on a swing and watched a movie in my brain of a few childhood memories. All in all a most refreshing little mini-vacation. Of course, I ended up being 2 minutes late for the new appointment time.

A couple of notes on Winchester: The community center building seems to be getting a facelift, the playground area is wonderfully bright and colorful, (which for me is a real attraction since my colorblindness makes me really only see primary colors. I'm especially attracted to yellow and blue. Green baffles me). Also, in the nature walk and urban forest, the plants are labeled, and shredded bark was used as a ground cover which is so much cooler (in both uses of the term) than rock.

We have terrific parks spread out thru Vintage Vegas, and they are all worth an afternoon or at least 15 minutes out of a busy day.

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Brian Paco Alvarez said...

Goodmorning. Winchester has definetly come alive. Once the urban trails are completed I believe the area will blossom.

Las Vegas definetly needs more community gardens.