Friday, June 15, 2007

Your Official Invite to Saturday's Party

Our data base is huge, and we've done our best to snail mail an invite to the UncleJackpot Party to all of you. We've had serious postal delivery issues to some of you (even though we know zip codes better than the mail men & women who seem to be loosing lots of our postcards). Others of you we don't yet have an address for, and (we're hoping) some of you we've yet to meet.

So we wanted to make it very clear that you are ALL invited to the cocktail party on this Saturday, June 16th, from 8 - 11pm, at Ben Nation's house on 1908 Chapman Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89104.(click here for a map in a new window)

Yes, WE WANT TO MEET YOU! If you're even half as excited about Vintage Vegas as we are, this is an awesome chance to meet your peers. We're all more powerful together, so if we're going to make this revival all it can be we need to know each other. We thought cocktails in a great Mid-mod home would be an excellent Vintage Vegas way to do it!

See you Saturday, the snacks & drinks are on us!


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I will be there with two guests.