Saturday, July 28, 2007

An almost original LIBERACE TOWNHOUSE

Liberace and his brother built these on St. Louis Ave. in 1978. The story has it, that unit 10, which was titled under just the one name Liberace, was for their mother. She lived there for 3 years, but didn't like that stairs, so she moved into another home Lee had built on 15th Street.

There's only 22 units, and 20 of them are actually condos that are either up or down. But 2 units were built as 2 stories, and #10 and #12 were 2 story units with the 3 bedrooms upstairs. Lee's Mom lived in #10.

Our friend and neighbor Olie worked for Liberace as his personal chef for over 20 years. He says Lee brought all the light and plug plates, lights, fireplaces and mantels and all of the other hardware in Europe and had it all sent to Las Vegas for these units. At the time, these condos were "over the top" european in design and style.

Many of them have been "beiged" over the years. But this one which is for rent at 1300/month still looks and feels right. There's a young lawyer who's going to clerk for one of the Federal Court Judges who's moving into Vintage Vegas next week. He's deciding this weekend whether to rent this one, or one of the townhouses in the Las Vegas Country Club.


Anonymous said...

Well, depending on which he chooses, we'll know whether or not he "gets it" won't we? MJ

HB said...

So what did he decide....because I'm looking at renting in the area.