Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well, the current high price of 7,250,000 is located in prestigious Rancho Circle. on the West side of VeryVintageVegas. Florence Shapiro of Americana has the listing. Over 10000 sf on 2.7 acres.

A close 2nd is on the east side in the Viking/Eastern estate corridor. It's at 3730 Topaz and Paula Jones of Americana has that listing. It's 6.95m for over 15000 sf on 2.3 acres.

last time we reported, it was 2929 Alta Drive, which went to contract in June is scheduled to close at the end of the month. We'll fill you in on the final sales price when it becomes public info.
But SERIOUSLY folks, if you know someone shopping in this price range (or any other), Uncle Jack would LOVE a referral.

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