Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crazy Vegas Cars.. part 4?

I'm really not sure how many times I've posted on the cool vehicles you see as you navigate our gorgeous grid work of a roadway system down here. This time's special though, as I've actually found something crazy in THE BURBS too!

I'll begin with this little gem we ran into on D.I. near Paradise Palms:

Not quite a car perhaps, but looks like a lot of fun anyway.

Next we have a "you never know who's gonna show up at your open house" photo. This vintage limo pulled up to an open house we did a couple of weeks ago on the most insanely rock-bottom priced home in Paradise Palms.. 3455 Algonquin:

It was driven by a very cool guy named Steve (my favorite name, of course) & I wish I had a picture of him & Jack standing together because Steve had a mirror-image 'Jack-stash' (mustache)

Next up, we've got not the best picture of a very cool very vintage car. I was zooming around the monorail on my way home one day after work & spotted this hot little turquoise Bel Air:

I can't remember the year exactly, but after consulting with Mary Alderman, we're pretty sure it's '55.

Now.. believe it or not here's the craziest car I've seen this month & this was parked near Anthem (I was just visiting family up there, I swear.)

I'm glad to see that someone out there has a sense of originality & individualization . I just wonder how lonely this poor driver must feel in 'Beamer-Land' and how he hides it from his Home Owner's Association?

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