Thursday, July 12, 2007

Danny Roberts - My favorite artist of First Friday (& quite possibly anywhere)

And the First Friday blogging continues. Not that we don't have anything else to talk about, but we just saw so many cool things & ran into/met so many amazing people! As Jack & I wandered into the M Modern Gallery (the Nailor's place), we stopped as though we'd just ran our foreheads into a low hanging pipe in a loft.

Here's why(click the images to view full-size in a new window):

"Remains to Be Seen" by Danny Roberts

"Scatterbrained" by Danny Roberts

"Unmankind" by Danny Roberts

Standing quietly behind a podium at M Modern was an incredibly polite and modest young man. Jack wandered up and asked if the Nailors were around so we could say hi. He said they weren't there at the moment but may be back later. At which point Jack mentioned something about how amazing the art is. The man turned out to BE Danny Roberts, of Damned Ink Studios. Please click on his hyper-linked name to visit his site, view more of his incredible art, and if you like.. BUY SOME. Danny is just one of the incredible artists we are so fortunate to have in our community. His oil work is incredible and the colors and lines he produces are mind-breakingly sharp and vibrant. I love the expression of imagination meets reality his work exudes.

My favorite piece I've seen so far is "Scatterbrained", which his wife & manager Leigh was kind enough to share with us so we can pass it along to you. It's such a beautiful illustration of the helter-skelter energy you'll run into so often as you navigate the business world of Las Vegas (it also happens to be a personification of my favorite sort of female, a High D-High I in the DISC test we use religiously in our office [basically an outgoing/bossy type]).

Whatever you're into, no matter how obscure or difficult it may be to put into words, odds are Danny's already reached deep into the collective unconscious, pulled & translated it into an amazing piece of art. I am absolutely floored by the volumes his work speaks to specific social issues or intricate inner/interpersonal conflicts.

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