Friday, July 20, 2007

A day late in reporting on the PARADISE PALMS GOLF COURSE meeting

At the moment, there is only one FACT on the table. There's a commercial RE Broker, claiming that he has undisclosed clients in escrow to buy the golf course, and he only refers to them as "developers". He did not return calls to the press, and was equally vague when he took a call on Tuesday from Chris G. He SAYS they're going to run it as a golf course for about 2 years, and shop for a builder to build houses on the the 132 +- acres.

First, we were most happy to see about 150 people in attendance. We were stunned by the diversity of the crowd. Young, middle and old. Black White Hispanic, Asian and ??. Golf course owners and non-golf course owners. And lots of Vintage Vegas concerned neighbors who don't even live in Paradise Palms. It was standing room only, and spilled out into the lobby.

Second, we appreciate the efforts of David Crawford, the Bennett brothers and their families for putting this together. It brings to mind the first organizing meetings to fight the "Titanic" and the Stratosphere roller coaster. Those meetings led to the formation of hugely successful neighborhood associations for John S. Park, Southridge and Beverly Green. Combined voices all singing the same tune can have huge influence on the world.

Thirdly, a thank you to County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani for her early efforts and for being, as always, on the side of homeowners and neighborhoods and willing to stand up to the forces of the developers and the big money.

Prior to the meeting, Chris G. (as we all call her) told me she was only going to say hello, and give show of support. Instead, she ended up at the podium, along with Dionicio Gordillo from Clark County Planning Dept. for well over an hour. Dionicio explained most of the steps that the developer would have to go thru, and what he's allowed to do, and what he won't be allowed to do with the underlying R-1 zoning that is already in place for the golf course land. He also explained the process of what happens if they want to do anything that would require a variance. Chris G. showed up with a short list of things that could be done, issues that need to be studied, and people who might be able to help. And then it quickly became a LONG list. The audience, in the form of questions or suggestions gave up a whole plethora of ideas and issues. Before they could ever build, there will have to be lots of hearings regarding infrastructure problems with traffic, sewage, water, wetland areas of the wash, the counties plan for walking trails thru the wash, mitigation of property value loss for neighbors, and a whole lot more. The "developer" is in for a HUGE fight, that he may not have the stomach for. The community is dead set against it, and will pull out all the stops to create a symphony of protest. I came away from the meeting feeling that the development of a cookie cutter subdivision of beige on beige, tile roofed, suburban style homes will NEVER GET BUILT on the land of the National Golf Course. I, speaking for myself, am pro property rights. I believe people have the right to do what they want with their property. But they don't have the right to do things that destroy, or harm the quiet enjoyment, property values, or rights of their neighbors. Like so many things in life, nothing is ever perfectly black or white. I expect my friends, neighbors, readers, and clients to help however they can to keep this development from ever taking shape. I'll be involved, and will lend space at VVV to help to spread the word, and further organize the resistance.

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