Saturday, July 7, 2007

First Friday at Vurb Space

Our favorite magazine VURB always does something fun and fresh on First Friday's. This time, we got to meet 3 hot young artists with a real twisted communal funny bone. Lot's of color and lots of smiles eminated from their whimsical work. T-shirts, buttons and badges, wall hangings, sign and cartoons. They seem to have covered the gamut, and they sold a lot of pieces.

And it turns out that "Ripper Jordan" is the name of their little collective endeavor. Mystery solved. James Hough, David Ryan, and Sean Slattery are the creative minds behind Ripper Jordan, and I'm now lucky enough to own a small piece of their work.

Also, a little bird told me that VURB is going to go to 6 issues a year instead of 4, so there's that much more of the new Urban Scene that will get discovered and disected. Congratulation are in order to Phil, Amy and David. Their little upstart magazine has been a big hit.

I was showing homes in Paradise Palms the other day to a broadway actor who's here in the "Producers" show. About 1/2 the homes in PP that I showed had the VURB magazine, and the recent cover article about PP prominently displayed. One had even photocopied the article for prospective buyers to take away with them.

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