Monday, July 16, 2007

Local Artist Mark Brandvik Captures the Essence of Las Vegas’ Mid-Century Architecture…

There are few artists in the world that can capture the essence of architecture at its most basic elements. Las Vegas native and UNLV art professor Mark Brandvik is just the artist to do so. Mark captures some of Las Vegas’ most notable mid-century buildings perfectly by simplifying its surroundings and using a soft color palette. His traditional use of modern colors captures the experience and reminds us of how fabulous Las Vegas’ past was.

Growing up in Las Vegas one reminisces about the past especially of the modern buildings that were so common during our childhood. Buildings like the Boulevard Mall, Bomer & Barry’s Showcase, Wonder World, the La Concha Motel, the Dome of the Sea at the Dunes, the Rotunda at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Landmark, the Cinedome Theaters, even McCarran Airports A & B Gates and so many more either remodeled or lost to history. When looking at Mark’s work the past comes alive and the fantasy of returning to quieter days returns. Musing with Mark’s work is therapeutic especially for individuals who love the Jetsonian past.

Please visit Mark’s website and enjoy!

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