Monday, July 16, 2007

A (now belated) farewell to the FRONTIER

We went to the Frontier again, last night, for the last time. On my very first visit to Las Vegas in 1975, a month after my parents moved here, I spent an entire weekend in a room at the Frontier. No... I wish! Actually, I had one of the worst cases of summer Bronchitis I've ever experienced.

I always loved the friendliness of the employees, and that it had a HUGE locals clientele. We ate regularly at the buffet. My mother played nickel roulette, and my father hung out in the sports book. He never made a bet, but loved watching multiple sporting events at the same time.

Once the strip got really busy, we tended to hang at more off strip places, but our fondness for the Frontier never wavered.

I grabbed these pix just before dusk, and already they had the pool roped off, the bingo was closed and I heard the announcement thru out the casino that that was the last ever race to be shown in the Sports Book. Lots of people were taking pictures, and Joan, our favorite "FLO'ish" coffee shop waitress was stoic but still smiling, while wishing she wasn't forced to retire after 18 years in the coffee shop.

Farewell old Friend.

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Susan said...

Now I'm really sorry I didn't go there the last night I was in town. There were some nice reports last night on the national news. Another classic lost---