Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Susan Saga, Chapter 3

Uncle Jack--
Keeping you caught up will be almost therapeutic, I think! I spent most of today gathering and completing paperwork for my Nevada certification. Tomorrow I will get it notarized, get fingerprinted, and send it all off.

The bathroom mold story is this: In the picture, you can see the wall that the showerhead came out of. The contractor says that apparently the inner pipe has been leaking for at least ten years ( We've been in the house for seven.), and that this leak could have been extremely small. The inspector SHOULD have caught this! ........

This backs up the plumbing piece you wrote a couple of days ago. Fortunately, the mold is relatively benign, not like the evil stuff in Texas that forces people out of their homes, leaving all their possessions behind. Our son has been sleeping just a few feet from here and, thank God, has suffered no ill effects. Anyway, we now have to "demo" the bathroom as far as needed to get any of this out of there-- a time-consuming, costly process. I guess the bright side is that we get to replace the crappy, cheap vinyl floor and get rid of the ugly wallpaper (I never got around to this room--)!
Anyway, I see potential in the house down the street from you. Could tall trees be planted back there? I'll look forward to seeing it--

Note from UncleJack. I thought the mold thing was in the master bath that I showed a picture of in Chapter 2. It was in the yellow hall bath. My faulty assumption.

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