Friday, July 6, 2007

The Susan Saga (Chapter 5)

Susan's been BUSY. She got the garage organized for the garage sale, and started on the "furnace room". The furnace room is in the basement (both of which bring back memories of childhood adventures in our own basement and the crawlspace under the front 1/2 of the house in Columbus, Ohio).

She's been looking at homes in VVV that we've been emailing her.
She says of one that I called THE BEST RETRO ORIGINAL IN VVV:
"I also love this house! Oh, that stove! Oh, that bathroom! Is there room for a pool? How much does a pool cost?! Actually, I do really like wallpaper; I wallpapered the entry and the pink bathroom in this house. They have retro wallpaper books with some really cool stuff!

Susan wrote last night about the furnace room:
Now I can vent! I am so disgusted with myself! How could we have accumulated 23 years worth of mostly worthless stuff?! It's slow going in the large furnace room. That was the depository for anything and everything. (I did take before pictures, but am too ashamed to show anyone!) I am proud, though, that I'm unloading stuff that was on my shelves in college (1971)! My neighbor, Teddy, says she will help me with a garage sale, but she gasped at the amount of STUFF I already have set aside. I'm exhausted. I will get up in the morning and hit it again. The bathroom guy has not been back in touch. This disturbs me. We really need to get going on that! Maybe I will need to find a crowbar---

Just think! I will be there next week! I am so excited!


I responded: "Ain't it great to be a REAL All-American family"

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