Friday, July 13, 2007

The Susan Saga (chapter 9)

We finally got to meet in person! Susan flew in yesterday to start the housing hunt.

We met up at our regular Thursday after work hangout at the Downtown Cocktail Room. They hold a weekly business mixer called LO-PRO (for local professionals).

Susan just missed meeting His Honor, Mayor Oscar Goodman, who was quite impressed at the mix and diversity of the crowd of about 75.

Our own Steve Christmas finally got to meet the mayor, as well as Chris who's the art director for our favorite magazine, VURB.

We talked to a few lawyers, a doctor, several office support staff for various professionals. Of course, many of them had no idea what's been going on in Vintage Vegas. For the most part, they thought the WHOLE housing world of Las Vegas was out in the suburbs. Even though they were smack in the middle of the ever growing URBAN scene of Las Vegas, they had no idea beyond the scope of the bar they were sitting in.

Susan, on the other hand, thought that this was exactly a part of the Urban Experience that she was moving to Las Vegas to find and to help create. (She lived thru the gentrification of Sacramento's downtown and close in neighborhoods, and knows that Las Vegas is the city left in America where the urban scene isn't already at least mature.

This afternoon, we start with a driving tour of the neighborhoods, and to make sure there's a back up plan in place for temporary housing since she has to start teaching mid-August. Then we'll start narrowing down towards a great Vintage Vegas home for her and Steve (when the Spokane home sells).

We'll keep you posted on our saga.

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