Saturday, August 4, 2007

And the cones and signs finally come down

on the St. Louis Ave traffic abatement and beautification project.

Now we have bike lanes on St. Louis from the Stratosphere all the way to Boulder Highway/Fremont St. If it cools down and or the humidity EVER goes away, I'll dust off the bike, oil up the chain and give it a test ride. IF....

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Anonymous said...

Jack, I rode my bike around on Sunday. I stopped by your house to tell you about a FSBO on Oakey right off 14th but got no answer. Then I went up to Luv-It to get some ice cream but they were closed. Stopped by the Rexford to look around but all doors were locked and no one answered there either. So I drove home, ate a popsicle and trimmed bushes. MJ