Monday, August 6, 2007

First Friday (the lastpost till next month)

I promised Nick Bennett and his Brother Daniel(update--sorry about calling you David) that I would give a plug to their really cool line of T-shirts that are hand screened, numbered editions of Daniel's Art.

They sell on the web and at first Friday at Radiate, (Main, just south of Charleston in the old Nevada Radiator building).

Here's Daniel NOT sporting one of his designs, cause he didn't want to get it all sweaty and ruin a perfectly good piece of inventory.

Visit them in person next first Friday, or visit their website now.

Nick's a regular VVV reader, and proud resident over in Westleigh. He and his "entourage" were some of our many readers who we met at our "history hunt" party in June. Check out their cool clothing line, and remember that each is a hand pulled and numbered silk screen piece of art.

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Anonymous said...

The winner of the Radiator contest was the slot machine. The artist turned around and bought a painting in the gallery with the prize money.

Lovebird's been selling at First Friday since October and Daniel regularly shows his art at the Epicenter.

Next month, he'll be showing his newest pieces in the Arts Factory. Go to and sign up for our email list. All Lovebird Apparel garments are hand-printed in historic Westleigh.
Nicholas @ Lovebird