Sunday, August 12, 2007

Flowering Agave

I found a rare site, over in Paradise Crest when I was doing the post on it the other day. When the agave flowers, it suddenly sends up an enourmous tree like flower. I caught a picture of 2 of them in the same yard.

Agave's are my favorite desert ornamentals. I've had about 20 different varieties over the years at various properties.

There's a couple hundred diffent varieties, according to wikipedia and to my knowledge, they all do well in Las Vegas.

I was certainly disheartened the next morning when one of my Agave's that I was growing for the new front yard landscaping just up and died. All the leaves pulled out like an onion blossom at Outback.

There was some little worm grub thing that had eaten it's way thru the whole center of the plant. The same thing happened to the "Americana Agave" which I'd already transplanted last year. It just up and died. I didn't actually see the guilty bug on that one, like I did on the one that fell to pieces yesterday.

Anyone know what kind of grub thing attacks agaves, and eats out the center of the plant?

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Anonymous said...

tequila worm?