Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is it RETRO if it's all original?

When I find a pristinely preserved time capsule it makes me wonder. I know I'm trying to create a retro 50's look for my house, but I'm wondering if retro doesn't actually imply a "re-creation".

This is a 1970 Time capsule! The furniture, appliances, the wall papers and matching drapes, the light fixtures, even the "Sony Trinitron console tv with built in BETAMAX VCR" are all like new.

My poor shutter button finger has a blister from all the fun shots I was taking. Here's a few of them. Enjoy!

And LAST and my favorite, the 1975 Sony Trinitron/Betamax console and the promo video for it that I found when I googled it! (I love youtube!)
The VERY first promo video for the the Sony BETAMAX and TRINITRON console Will worth watching, it's really fun.

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