Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A map of all the Very Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods

I had lunch yesterday with Phil Hagen, the editor of VURB magazine. We're collaborating on the creation of a map for an upcoming issue, and for our VeryVintageVegas website.

We're going to color and number code ALL the neighborhoods of Vintage Vegas. Most everyone knows where McNeil or Huntridge is. But I'm about the only one who knows all the names of all the little pockets of small subdivisions that are spread amongst the better known ones.

A good example is the John S. Park Historic neighborhood. The boundaries are Oakey on the south, Charleston on the north, Las Vegas Blvd. on the west and 9th Street on the east. But it's REALLY made up of several smaller subdivisions such as Desert Park, Vega Verde, Paradise Grove, Park Manor, Park Place, Belair, and Radlick Park.

I'm trying to get those names resurrected to create pockets of identity that are smaller than just calling the area downtown or mid town. Another thing that's lost to most of us is that if you're not in the city, then you actually are in a TOWNSHIP of the county. Paradise Palms South of Desert INN is actually in Paradise Township. Paradise Palms North, is in Winchester Township, as are The Las Vegas Country club, much of Fran Park, and Las Verdes.

If any of you techies out there are aware of a simple map building program (preferably share ware, or cheap if we have to buy it) please give us a hint.

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Rebecca said...

Right on! This is such a great idea, very urban and WHOOPS very east coast. If you make your map more a la San Fran, it will probably catch on better. By that I mean: throw in some landmarks and tourist destinations (arrow to the house featured in that movie Casino, etc.). Maybe you could laminate it and sell it in gas stations.

Wish I could help on the shareware. I would just use Clark County's GIS maps as a base and then photoshop them to my needs. Of course, those might be copyrighted.