Thursday, August 16, 2007


A first ever, (to my memory, at least) joint neighborhood meeting hosted by BOTH the city and the county.

It's at the OLD Gorman High School Cafeteria. The school has been purchased by CCSD and will be a 9th grade only Preparatory Academy called appropriately, The Eldorado High Preparatory Academy.

Why have a joint neighborhood meeting you ask? Well, for starters, 9th graders don't drive. They're all going to be bused in from all over the valley. 20 buses a day in and out.

In and out of WHERE you ask? The school district decided that all the buses can enter AND exit the old student parking lot from OAKEY AVENUE.

Can you say TRAFFIC JAM? That's the topic of the meeting. It affects just about all the east side residents of Vintage Vegas. Come give us your 2 cents.

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Anonymous said...

AS I've said before. the light at Maryland and Oakey is already a nightmare, set totally for only north/south traffic. This will compound that problem so we need to ask for the light settings to be changed along with requesting that the buses turn on 11th and go into the parking lot there, avoiding the Maryland Parkway situation altogether.
Also, at this meeting I am again going to bring up the Huntridge Park closure. I heard on the radio
this morning that the person who
committed the crime was convicted and will be off the streets for years. Do you think they would have closed a park in Summerlin? I think not, they would have provided an armed guard.
This is my neighbornood, I've lived here all my life and I enjoy having that one park and want it back. MILLIONS were spent to "rejuvenate" it and now it just sits with hideous "park closed" signs everywhere which are demeaning and bring down property values and it is USELESS.
I know some people think that keeping it closed will keep the homeless away and I disagree with that but in any case is it worth not having the park at all? Homeless people are PEOPLE too and I have lived in this neighborhood all my life (since 1945) and have
NEVER had a problem with anyone,
homeless or otherwise. I think the age old "do unto others" applies here and hopefully we can get back to that, at least in this part of town which I am proud to call home.