Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Review of Fremont / United Block Party

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Well, our friends Pam K. & Lolita B. came out..
I hope more of you did too, though with the six venues involved and the crowds on the street,

The crazy great times on the dance floor,

and all the great art in the United Fine Arts Gallery,

I didn't see a whole lot of VVV regular readers out. Although everyone who did come out had the time of their life. I felt so lucky to enjoy the night and catch up with my friends Sam Valenti of Ghostly International, and Jakub Alexander of Moodgadget Records, who were both in town for the United Trade Show and also performing at the United Fine Arts Gallery.

I am absolutely in love with the life & energy being pumped back into the Fremont East. Though most of the Pictures above are from the United Fine Arts Gallery, the other venues involved included both United Botiques (men's & women's), Beauty Bar, and of course.. Downtown Cocktail Room. We navigated our way through all the venues and I must say it was great to see everyone who did make it out, including The Vurb posse, local artist Micheal Wardle, and many other friends, new, old, local & tourist.

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