Saturday, August 11, 2007

Susan Saga chapter 11 AND 12

I copied and pasted Susan's Tuesday email, and just discovered I didn't publish it. So here's Chapter 11 followed by Chapter 12, where she loads up the car for the drive to LV. She'll be here with Steve on Monday, when we'll show him Braewood and Heritage Sq. South. Susan has her unit there picked out, and a couple of back ups for when the Spokane house sells.

Chapter 11: 8-7-07
Dear Uncle Jack--

Man, this is hard work! We ran the garage sale Saturday and Sunday. I made Eric sleep in the front yard on Friday night to guard the merchandise. He invited several friends over, and they were awakened by the shoppers at 6:45! "Mom, there are people walking around in our garage--" I was at that point just trying to brush my teeth! Anyway, we sold a lot of stuff and then took all the rest to Goodwill. The futon did not sell on Sunday, so we put it in the front yard with the "For Sale" sign on it. (I'm sure the people a block away-- on High Drive, THE address in Spokane-- were appalled!) It was sold this afternoon to a young couple furnishing their first apartment. Eric and I sat on it and waved at passing cars while we waited for young couple to secure a van. That was a lot of fun!!! Also today, the valve on the water heater was replaced, and the downstairs bathroom was measured by the Great Floors person.

A lot more to do and only three days to do it-- Help!!


Chapter 12: 8/9/07
My dear Uncle Jack--

I do not even believe this! The Ford Focus hatchback is packed for the move! There is actually quite a bit of room left, so I'm thinking I probably am leaving a lot of stuff here that I will be needing. I guess I'll know once I get there. There will be room for my plants, which I may leave on your doorstep if they won't let me leave them at the apartment on Saturday.

Here's the plan: We're driving to Brigham City, Utah, tomorrow. We'll hit Vegas Saturday afternoon. I made reservations at the Golden Gate. (I love the contrast!) That should be fun! (I'll call you when we get there.) Sunday we will move into the apartment, which will require shopping big time. I need a bed and table and chairs. (Goodwill?) Do we know someone with a pick-up? Can they help or loan it? Monday morning I would love to show Steve the communities that you've shown me so he can see that this will all work out beautifully! And then, Monday afternoon, we will go see the recreational areas that will be really important to him. Steve leaves Tuesday morning, and I start work on Wednesday. So, there, you have it--

Our house here looks good. We have reasonable bids from two contractors that will have THE BATHROOM done by early September. This has all been very had and stressful, but once I get to my new home, things will all come together I'm sure--

Thank you again for your help and support throughout this. It means a lot to me. I will be incommunicado for the next few days-- no computer-- but I will call--


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