Monday, August 13, 2007

Todays Worst MLS Photo

This is the first "worst MLS photo" that I published and then pulled down on July 4. There was a complaint registered, and I apologized, but since it's still up on the mls, and since this is "parody" (according to my brother the photographer, the lawyer, and a lot of other bloggers) I've decided to publish it again.

The caption should read "If your buyer smokes, the ashtrays are negotiable".

Let's have a caption contest. Any comments on the Drano bottle? the toilet paper? the dirty washrag?


Anonymous said...

I guess the present owners might just want everything to be easily accessible. Maybe they use the drano on a regular basis to keep everything running smoothly.
I feel, though, that a prospective buyer would think something was wrong with the sink drain, and if there is no toilet paper holder, why not, and if they are non-smokers would definitely be turned off by the asktray. The counter is actually neatly arranged and the sink appeasrs clean. Could the person (realtor) who took the picture have removed some of the unnecessary items then put them back where they were after the shot? MJ

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Go-Jo implies a 'handy-person's dream? hehehe