Thursday, August 30, 2007

worst MLS photo of the day

Today we're going off into the suburbs for a few extra special one of a kind pictures.
(Don't ask me why I was looking at suburban stuff, but I was). Mostly I'm finding them falling into a bunch of categories such as clutter, out of focus, dark, and what the ??, furniture not feature, etc.

The client I sent this one to nixed the home off the showing list immediately, because her car won't fit in the driveway either. Maybe it would have fit into the garage, but it's probably full of stuff. She'll never get to see the inside, which could have worked for her. Let's at least minimize the bad features, and emphasize the good ones.

If you drop your camera and break the shutter, you might get pictures like this. But I think going back for better ones might be a good idea.

If you take pictures thru the car windshield, it's best to wash the car first.

The reason you're starting to see multiple pictures of the day is I'm finding them much faster than I can publish them. But do feel free to send me ones you find. (I'm being EXTRA careful on my listings to make sure I won't ever have to publish one of mine).

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