Friday, September 21, 2007

Major Changes About To Happen At Very Vintage Vegas

UPDATE: the basics for the website are being loaded onto the server now. Lots of content to move. Will take all weekend. But we're real excited. Hope you like it!

We've been creating a whole new website for Very Vintage Vegas.

People used to say things like "I went to your site once" "It's just like every other site", and "once I was there, there was no reason to go back", "it was all about you, not about the market (or the neighborhoods, or the houses, or anything else)

99% of the Realtors have people say the same thing. We call that a static website. The thing is, that the static site had lots of stuff on it, such as tips for buying and selling, articles about how to pick a Realtor, Mortgage Calculators, links to the mls etc, but mostly it was "All about Jack".

Then we started blogging. We abandoned the old site, and built up a blog with available free resources such as BLOGGER.

People started reading VeryVintageVegas regularly. I started getting calls from people that sounded something like "My friend sent me a link to your blog, and I've been reading it regularly for a month now" "I am so happy that you're telling the world how cool, hip, fun and interesting it is to not only live in Vintage Vegas, but that they can have a home that doesn't look just like the one across the street". They say "thank you for providing a resource that allows us to show are friends that we're not crazy for not living in the suburbs".

We started trying to get noticed by the search engines, and we started getting calls and emails from people who don't live Las Vegas, but are planning on it in the near or far future.

But still there's "static" parts of the old website that ought to be there.

We've been building a whole new site, which will have the "BLOG" at it's centerpiece, but we'll have all the static stuff again, and....we'll have a much better platform to showcase the properties that we're promoting, including other agent's listings that are worthy of showing you, and for sale by owners.

We're Going to start transitioning to the new site Friday morning. The functionality is complete, but the content will be added back in over the next week or two. I'll continue blogging daily, and will probably blog about each section of the new site when it comes on line.

Your comments, critiques, criticism, and hopefully compliments will be welcome.

You might have to create a new bookmark or shortcut though, the website URL will still be

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