Friday, September 14, 2007

worst MLS photo of the day --
Changes To The Property Should Generate Changes To the MLS Listing

This "magic tree" defies gravity. I had it also in the "ugliest tree in Very Vintage Vegas contest".
But, alas, they cut it down a while ago. In fact, they cut it down shortly after the home went on the market several months ago.
But the photo lives eternally. It's still the lead shot in the MLS, which also means it's the lead shot at,, the agent's and the company's sites and lordy knows how many other thousands of sites that steal (or have legitimate arrangements to advertise listings) from the MLS.
The Point? The photos should accurately show the best features, minimize the worst features and create an invitation to the buyers and other Realtors to WANT to see the home. If something changes, then CHANGE THE PHOTOS!
The only thing worse than a bad photo is NO PHOTO AT ALL!

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