Monday, September 3, 2007

worst MLS photo of the day

Since I'm being Labor day lazy today, these pix can ONLY be accounted for by describing them as "lazy agent" masterpieces.
I ask you, is it so hard to move a trash can out of the yard, or to push the vacuum out of the picture, or to hide a paint tray in the next room, or to put away the ladder?
I know it's easy to miss something little, because I did it myself recently, and I'll give a $10 Starbucks gift certificate to the first reader who spots something in one of my listing's pictures that I should have moved out of the shot. But it was little and and it was an accident, and meaningless in relationship to showing the "features" of the home. Vacuums and ladders and trash cans are not little or accidental, or meaningless. They're distracting, and annoying and demonstrate shear laziness.
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Your captions are welcome in the comments."A pictures worth a thousand words, and the only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURE!"

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