Sunday, July 15, 2007

Art in the Streets UPDATE

We've heard a rumor that there will be a ZAP PARADISE PROJECT!

The original project, from Clark County Parks and Recreation was called Zap Winchester. If you haven't driven Desert INN or Eastern, or McLeod lately, you really ought to go see what we're talking about.

Expanding this to Paradise Township will put local artists to work on street poles, power boxes, traffic control boxes and lots of other utility surfaces. Maybe we can get the City to go in on it and do a Zap Downtown? Oscar? Gary? More to follow as we get more info.

Below is a re-posting of Ben's original post from back in February (ALL of our over 400 posts are in the archives, which can be accessed from the left column)

Las Vegas has always had great characters, even on our locally produced TV shows. These power boxes on DI and Eastern are a tribute to local television. Can You name all the shows?. Normally the ugly green boxes are an eyesore, but now I even stop my car to take a look. Send in Photos of art in the street and we'll post them here on VeryVintageVegas.


Anonymous said...

Great website you have going here...a nice surprise to see my Zap! boxes again. This was a publicart project sponsored by Clark County Parks & Rec in 2005. I was one of the ten artists selected to transform utility boxes around the D.I.,Eastern and Pecos in the Winchester neighborhood. Valley High School art students may be undertaking a similar project and I understand the county is gearing up for Zap! 2

unclejack said...

we thank you, anonymous, for your art as well as your kind words. Drop me an email so we know who you are. We're building a list of artists that live or work in the Urban Core.