Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Susan Saga (Chapter 10)

We have a new "champion". Susan OOOOOOHs and AAAAAAAHs more than I DO!

(about really great 50's and 60's architecture, great landscapings, and so many of the other elements of Vintage Vegas that I showed her yesterday as we started to explore neighborhoods.

Lifestyle-wise, she's realizing that townhomes like Braewood, Heritage Square South, and the Sunrise Villas hold a great appeal to her after spending years taking care of a 1/2 acre of lawn and landscape. Access to a pool for an occasional swim doesn't mean she actually has to own one to be happy. A patio to sit on and a Bar-B-Q are really the only backyard amenities that she really needs.

And, we took care of her school district "business" such as fingerprints and discovery that she hasn't been tested for TB yet. That took us to the ED SHED on Flamingo east of Eastern.

It's truly one of the finest mid century modern buildings in all of Las Vegas. Of course, it has concrete block screens, (and a so far, one of a kind patterns) folded roof, walls of glass, terrific lighting fixtures hanging under the folded roof, enormous columns and empty, but extremely good looking planters.

In 1990 addition, I think I found what could become a new obsession, OFFSET BRICKWORK! I can think of a dozen good examples in Vintage Vegas, and I've never taken a picture, at least on purpose, of a single uniquely patterned wall of brick I'll get to work on collecting them.

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