Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last Sunday with Rita

was moving day for Ben and my mom came along to supervise. She's starting to finally appreciate my passion for mid century modern. Her taste has alway been to the victorians and colonials that she grew up with. Of course, she's from the midwest.

She did tell a funny story about when she bought her first home in Las Vegas in 1975. (it was at the edge of the desert, WAY far out at Decatur and Sahara, mind you). The realtor, kept apologizing to her for the "ugly, flat roofed homes" that were so abundant". They finally settled on a new house in the suburbs. Now we're all dying to get our hands on one of the flat roofed homes that we now call "mid-century modern".
There will be a major posting of Ben's new amazing Mid Mod Marvel. There's history, and drama, and a circular fireplace separating the living room and dining room. He finally has enough room to dispay his vast collections. Once it's set up, we'll have lots of pictures to show.

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