Friday, April 27, 2007

Learning about the "mid-mod"

Open Space...Clean Lines...Glass Walls...Casual Living. All elements we're seeing again in the "loft movement" but like everything else, it has it's roots in the past.

Mid Century Modern is what we call it 50 years later, but back in the 50's thru the late 60's it was just "Modern". Being a boomer, it's my favorite style of home. Post and Beam construction set them apart from anything that had come before or after.Huge preservation movements exist in Palm Springs, Orange County, Marin County etc in California.

Locally we have an organization that has formed to preserve the history, architectural integrity and lifestyle of the post war modern housing boom. The "Atomic Age Alliance" has more than just a great name. Check them out here and here and then follow some of their links to get even more educated on "modernism"

Las Vegas has lots of them scattered around, and one neighborhood called Paradise Palms where there's a huge number of them. Some were elaborate, and some were just basic and simple, and when built, extremely affordable.

We've posted about them many times, and you can find all the posts related to any topic by clicking in the labels below each post. All the posts for that topic will open in a new window.

This photo is a home on 17th street north of Oakey that I've always admired.

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