Thursday, May 24, 2007

Don't worry, 89104

This very nice lady is taking a picture of every house in 89104, and she happens to love vintage homes as much as we do. Since Ben and I take pictures everywhere we go, people who we don't know yet are always curious, so we tell them about V3.

Why is she taking pictures of every house, you ask? An on line appraisal company is actually doing every home in all of Las Vegas. It's a site for mortgage brokers and lenders, but not for the public. I hope it does a much better job for them than a certain other on line "appraizal" site does for the public. That one seems to be ALWAYS off by 10 to 15% to the downside (ESPECIALLY IN VINTAGE NEIGHBORHOODS where no 2 homes could ever be identical). Their matrix works fine in cookie cutter land.

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