Thursday, May 24, 2007

Las Verdes Heights

One of the Vintage Vegas neighborhoods that seems to only be on my radar at the moment is called Las Verdes Heights. It centers on both sides of Sahara between Valley View and Arville.

There were 907 properties built in Las Verdes between 1957 and 1970. The north side is in a little further advanced stage of being fixed up, but both parts are in dire need of increased owner occupancy (or at least some good landlords instead of slumlords).

There's a real mix of styles and sizes, including some "mid-mod", "cinderellas" and ranches. Currently there are 29 homes for sale between 225,000 and 360,000.

We know most people can't afford to live in the Crestwoods, or McNeils, or the Various Ranchos, but there's lots of affordable, fun, and unique homes in Vintage Vegas. They all share the same Vintage Vegas proximity to all the action and jobs of the strip and downtown.