Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, now that I've begged the question, in the last post.

WHAT ELSE DON'T we know about that we ought to? We have dozens and dozens of post drafts ready or at least half written for the future. Here's another example from the same general location as in the last post. I had contemplated using this one as the example, but went with the Ranch Sign instead.

This is the BIGGEST residential cul-de-sac I've ever seen. If Very Vintage Vegas is about anything, it's about an era where they didn't squeeze every conceivable inch out of an acre or 5 of land.

So...this is an invite to you to use the comments section for this post and the previous post (and for that matter, any of the 175 prior posts that grab your attention) to let us know about quaint, quirky, unique, intersting, fun, artsie, stupid, ugly or nasty, pretty thing that you don't think we know about.

If you read a few or all of the prior posts, you'll know what kinds of things we'd love to share with our readers, friends and clients . Even if you think we must surely know of something already , throw it out there anyway just to remind us, and you might be wrong.

We'll turn many of them into front page posts, and the comments will always be there for future generations.

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