Thursday, May 17, 2007

what else don't we know about?

I never cease to be astounded at the interesting things I discover. I never go anywhere on the same path I used to get there or in that direction previously. I 've turned north onto Topaz From Desert Inn many times, and never ever before yesterday turned onto Linda Ave.

( clicking any photo on Very Vintage Vegas will give you a full screen blowup of the photo. This sign post above is well worth clicking on in particular. I fact, I'll give a $10.00 starbucks gift card to fifth person who calls me and tells me what it says on the ranch sign. )
If you're PLAYING THE HISTORY HUNT GAME....just make a right just after you go north on Topaz. If you're not playing, then you can read along.

(ps: no employees, or good friends....I PROMISE to be fair.

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