Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's Behind those gates?

Thought we'd give you a sampling of the many unique custom 50's and 60's homes in Rancho Nevada. We could only get you TO the gate in Part 1 of the HISTORY HUNT.

There are 127 custom homes which are all situated on 1/2 acre minimum lots. RN is considered to be one of the best foliated communities in all of Las Vegas. Famed for it's giant trees, wide streets, and prestigious list of residents, recent prices have ranged from $600,000 to 1 million.

RN was closed off and became guard gated a few years ago. Inside the guard gate, there's also a 7 home gated cul-de-sac called Astoria pines. The Astoria Pines 2 story homes were built in the 90's. They'd go for well over a million if any of them were to come to market.

As with any photo at VVV you can click a picture to see a full screen view of it.

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